In conjunction with our technology partners; Intelligent Business Management Solutions (IBMS) we can offer a solution allowing you to manage your building and equipment. This is achieved by taking control of and optimising the use of the equipment within your building allowing energy savings to be generated, this includes electrical and thermal. In most cases operational and maintenance savings can also be generated.

IBMS are one of the most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) companies involved in building monitoring and control. Using smart building controls property owners and facility managers are empowered to virtually monitor and control their building. This existing IoT infrastructure has provided us with the ability to enhance COVID-19 mitigation strategies that ensure our clients employees adhere to best practices while in the workplace.

This allows the delivery of real energy efficiencies, lower maintenance and repair costs. While providing the safest possible environment for staff and visitors alike.

Our experience shows us that hard savings of approx. 10% or greater can be generated on energy saving alone. Soft savings include the ability to conduct preventative maintenance as opposed to reactive maintenance and more time back to the maintenance team.

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