Battery Storage

All of the indicators are pointing to the fact that as global energy consumption continues to peak, the need to store energy is fast becoming a serious consideration.

In the past, the storage of energy was in the main hindered by the cost of the storage medium, the battery itself. However, in line with the trend evidenced within the Solar PV sector, advances in technology have now made it possible to deliver batteries at prices that are allowing financial payback models that are within those required by organisations.

Apart from the traditional advantages of battery technology acting as a UPS system, the integration of advanced software and battery technology allow companies to store energy during off-peak times and release it during hi-peak triad periods, realising significant savings in power consumption.

Today’s ¬†battery solutions can be easily dovetailed into renewable energy sources. For example, solar or wind generation systems can be used to charge the storage system. The power from the storage system can be released to power the facility during peak hours or can be used to sell energy back to the grid, thus becoming part of a virtual power station.

After over a year of rigorous research GMC is in a position to bring a robust proposal to any of our clients who may benefit from storage technology. In line with our policy of remaining technology agnostic, GMC has engaged with all of the advanced suppliers of battery technology, and are uniquely positioned to bring the best solution to each individual project.


Battery Storage